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Can We Get You to Join the ALL OF US RESEARCH PROGRAM?

Dateline: The Future of Medicine,

Be a part of the simple mission of the All of Us Research Program: speed up health research breakthroughs. Join the one million or more people across the U.S. sharing health data to explore how factors like environment, lifestyle, and genes can impact health. What can we learn to lead us to individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us?

Department of Awesome Days

June 14, 2019 was a great day for me – an ‘awesome’ day -- as I made my way to Reliant Medical Group's All of Us Research Program office in Worcester, Massaschusetts. Ever since NIH (National Institutes of Health) announced the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) I have wanted to participate in future research to help solve some of the challenging medical mysteries we know as patients, healers, and caregivers.

When they opened the All of Us Research Program for one million or more volunteers, I knew that I had a chance to be 'awesome' to help "fuel the development of new treatments for disease, and catalyze a new era of evidence-based and more precise preventive care and medical treatment."

Awesome Progress Already

How is this program going so far? Here are some stats:

  • Participants - more than 212,000 of the one million needed have signed up
  • Diversity - 79% of the participants are underrepresented in traditional biomedical research and 50% represent racial and ethnic minorities
  • Data - more than 85,000 electronic health records
  • Data - more than 500,000 surveys taken
  • Data - more than 3.5 million bio specimens
  • Public Browser - for participants and researchers - currently in beta testing, open to all

Awesome Research Underway

This program is "one of the boldest undertakings of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) said Dr. Collins. It involves a complete DNA sequencing of genomes with a goal of shedding more light on how to keep people healthy and manage chronic illness. The All of Us Data and Research Center is open to all. Check out these stats so far:

  • Approximately 33% of participants who have contributed electronic health record data to the program have primary high blood pressure.
  • Approximately 63% of participants who have completed the Overall Health program survey feel extremely confident completing medical forms on their own.
  • Pain is currently the top condition of participants who have contributed electronic health record data to the program.
  • Radiographic imaging is currently the top procedure of participants who have contributed electronic health record data to the program.

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