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This is the time of the year that I celebrate my birthday with friends who are sharing a three-day challenge walk on Cape Cod to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. So I need your help… please go here and donate to help us:

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Most of all, though...

I want to share with you the love of community we experience when we come together for this good cause. These people I see once a year are absolute gems; they are the ones who make a tremendous difference in other people’s lives…with the smiles they give us, the blessings they share, and the way they warm the hearts of all of us who do what we can to help find a cure for MS!


The road can be long...

but the friendly faces who cheer us on make it worth the trip!



MaryAnn? MaryAnn?

There is no denying that there are plenty of fun opps (even with my two MaryAnns… poodle skirt MaryAnn and she/he? of Gilligans Island’s MaryAnn and Ginger fame!)




But it is not all fun...

there are injuries, blisters, dehydration and other boo-boos. Thank goodness for the terrific medical volunteers. They do a remarkable job of making us better!




And the friends we made from our first year...

Sarah and Rhonda! We miss our dear friend, Sarah, who showed us what real determination is that very first year, walking with MS. We walk in her memory and we remember the shared Virgos birthdays every year in her honor.




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From the Blooper Reel...

that look of terror on my face when looking at our uncomfortable bunk beds!!


Walking for Danny van Leeuwen this year!

Danny is remarkable and an inspiration. You can find out more about his passion, dedication, and how he copes with MS on

His health hats label is no joke: Advocate, Caregiver, Clinician, Consumer, ePatient, Familyman, Informaticist, Musician, Researcher, more